Company Profile

Company Profile

HATSUMEI-TSUSHIN is in the business of providing various patent information products and services from the establishment in 1951. Since we have over 70 years of experience, our operations are supported by long standing customers. We will make an endeavor to further expand and reinforce the patent information service business so that we make a contribution to further development of this industry. We will greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.

Company Information

Company name Hatsumei-Tsushin. Co., Ltd.
President Daisuke Yamagata
Foundation January, 1951
Head office
Uchikanda 1-12-2, Chiyoda-ku, 101-0047 Tokyo JAPAN
Tel +81-3-5281-5511
Fax +81-3-5281-5512
Branch offices Osaka & Nagoya

Business Outline

(1) Internet services HYPAT-i2
  • Searchable Patent Information database
  • JP Patents
  • US Patents
  • Chinese Patents
  • EP & PCT Patents
  • Asian Patents ( IN,TH,TW,VN)
(2) Patent data & Copy service

* Full-Text Patent data

  • -JP Unexamined patents from 1983
  • -JP Examined patents from 1983
  • -Translation of PCT from 1983

* Full-Text Patent data

  • -JP Patent
  •  Japanese Patent specification
  •  Japanese Patent File History
  • -Foreign country Patent
  •  patent specification & File wrapper
(3) Patent search

We provide various patent searches for JP、US、EP、PCT、CN、KR、 and other countries.

Patent & utility
Prior art search Novelty search
Preliminary application search
Preliminary patentability search
Publicly known search Infringement search
Opposition search
Validity search
Patent family search
Technological trend search Technological trend search I
(Patent mapping)
Technological trend search II
(Classification, applicant, keyword,etc.)
Design Design Patents search
Trademark Trademark search
(Character & Figure)
Others Overseas patent search
Technical document search
(4) Translation service

Human translation or machine translation for Patent literature or others.

Contact Information Please contact us for any comment/inquiry on this Website and our services. Tel +81-3-5281-5518 Fax +81-3-5281-5512



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